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Name Position Date Note
Tancock, Clarence  1920s  
Tanner, Alonzo  1929 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Tanner, Angus  1923  
Tanner, Benjamin  1937  
Tanner, Bertie  1921 (Maiden voyage), 1937; January 1937  
Tanner, Cecil  November 1936  
Tanner, Charles  1937  
Tanner, Edwin  1937; January 1937  
Tanner, Frank  January 1937  
Tanner, Gerald Frederick   From obituary, "died aged 76, on 7 August 1996". Listed as having sailed on the original Bluenose, but no date given. 
Tanner, Glenville  16 April 1921 Of Lunenburg, N.S. 
Tanner, Gordon  1922 Part of racing crew 
Tanner, Guy  1930 Part of racing crew 
Tanner, Hayward Cook 1927 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Tanner, Haywood  1930 Part of racing crew 
Tanner, John  1923  
Tanner, Kenneth  1922, 1923 Part of racing crew 
Tanner, Lawrence    
Tanner, Leander  1938  
Tanner, Mack  1938  
Tanner, Merrill Engineer May 1940 Age 23 in 1940 
Tanner, Seymour  1931 Part of racing crew 
Tanner, Wallace  1929 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Tanner, Wallace  1929 "Summer trip" - the fishing trip from June to September 
Tanner, Wallace  November 1936  
Tanner, William  1923  
Tapper, William  1922 Part of racing crew 
Taylor, Joseph   From obituary, 8 July 1996, died at age 85: "As a young man he fished on the Bluenose for several years." 
Thompson, Teaman   [Not confirmed] 
Tobin, Enoch  1925 Of Lunenburg, N.S. 
Tobin, Enoch Mate May 1942; 1928 Age 59 in 1942 
Tumblin, Douglas  1938  


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