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Name Position Date Note
Rafuse, Charles Second Mate  Of East Chester; also a crew member of the Theresa E. Connor. He passed away February 1978, at approximately 89 years of age. 
Rafuse, Dewey   Of Chester, N.S. 
Rafuse, Edward  1937  
Rafuse, Fred  1937  
Rafuse, Herbert  1937; January 1937  
Rafuse, Walter  1922 Part of racing crew 
Randall, Harold  1923  
Reinhardt, Titus  February 1938  
Rhodenhizer, Fred  1931  
Rhodenhizer, Fred Mate; Sailor (1938) July 1939; October 1938 Age 38 in 1939 
Rhuland, Ed  1923  
Richards, Clyde  1937  
Richards, Lloyd  1937  
Richardson, Brandt  November 1936  
Rideout, George  1927 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Rideout, Samuel  1937  
Risser, Everett    
Risser, Fred  1931 Part of racing crew 
Risser, Paul  January 1937  
Ritcey, Allan  1922 Part of racing crew 
Ritcey, Allan  1925 Of Halifax, N.S. 
Rodenhizer, Willis  1923  
Rodenizer, Fred  1931 Part of racing crew 
Roe, George Able Seaman May 1933 Age 27 in 1933 
Romkey, Thomas  1927 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Rose, Ephraim  1922 Thought to be part of racing crew 


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