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Name Position Date Note
Lace, Cecil  1929 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Lace, George  1922 Part of racing crew 
Lanary, Alfred  16 April 1921 Of Newfoundland 
Leary, Charles Sailor May 1940 Age 19 in 1940 
Legge, Cephas  February 1938  
Levy, Esson  1924  
Levy, Gordon  1937  
Levy, Roy  1922, 1923 Part of racing crew 
Levy, Roy A.  1922 race Race against Henry Ford 
Lohnes, Frank  January 1937  
Lohnes, Gabriel  1922, 1923 Part of racing crew 
Lohnes, Kenneth  1938  
Lohnes, Maurice   Of First South, N.S. 
Lundrigan, Pat  November 1936  
Lundrigan, Thomas  1937  


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