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Name Position Date Note
Savory, Alfred   Of Pooles Cove, Newfoundland 
Sawler, Arthur  1937  
Schnare, William  1930  
Schwartz, Douglas  1923 Part of racing crew 
Schwartz, James  January 1922  
Schwartz, Moyle Cook 16 April 1921  
Selig, Clifford  1924 Of Stonehurst, N.S. 
Selig, Hudson  1922 Part of racing crew 
Shaw, Samuel Captain 1938 racing  
Shaw, Samuel Sailor, Racing Captain October 1938, 1938 Age 70 in 1938 - 70 
Silva, Frank  1930 Part of racing crew 
Silver, Frank  1923  
Silver, Palmer  16 April 1921 Of Lunenburg, N.S.; also member of the crew of Theresa E. Connor 
Silvia, Frank  1923 Part of racing crew 
Sinclair, Gordon Passenger October 1938 Reporter for Toronto Star 
Skinner, Charles  1942  
Skinner, Clayton    
Slade, William  1920s  
Smith, Daniel  1923  
Smith, Don  1923  
Smith, Wallace  1929 "Summer trip" - the fishing trip from June to September 
Snow, William Able Seaman May 1935 Age 44 in 1935 
Spidle, Daniel  1920s  
Spidle, Kenneth  1930, 1931 Part of racing crew 
Spidle, Kenneth Sailor October 1938 Age 62 in 1938 
Spindler, Willet  1930 Part of racing crew 
Stephens, Harold   Of Chester, N.S. 
Stephens, R.  1922 Part of racing crew 
Stevens, Aaron Header 1929 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Stevens, Ernest  1923 Part of racing crew 
Stevens, Randolph  1923, 1931 Part of racing crew 
Stewart, Maxwell  1942  
Stewart, William  1942  
Strickland, Stan  November 1936  
Strum, Frank  1931  
Stuart, Maxwell Ordinary Seaman May 1942 Age 17 in 1942 
Swinamer, Harry  January 1922  
Swinamer, Peter  January 1922  


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