Onsite Services During COVID-19

To ensure your safety and health, as well as that of our staff, most onsite services will be through prearranged appointments which may be arranged using the Appointment Request Email. We will contact you to work out a research strategy, answer your questions, and book a time for your in-person visit if required. Additional research time will be available on a non-appointment basis on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. All onsite services remain subject to COVID-19 protocols.

Chase Gallery

Nova Scotia Archives

Chase Gallery

The Chase Gallery, located on the lobby level of the Archives Building, 6016 University Avenue, offers short-term exhibition space at a reasonable fee for local and provincially-based artists and art organizations. Not available for booking at this time.

banner image: Nova Scotia Archives Art Collection: 1979-147.329 - 2000   The Conservatory, F.M. Jones, artist, 1883

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