Publication and Use of Copies

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Publication and Use of Copies

Have you seen an image on our Website that you'd like to share with family or friends? Have you found a photo or digitized document that you'd like to use in a school project or term paper? Would you like to purchase a high-resolution copy of a particular image to give as a gift, or display in your own home? All of these options are available — for every image you see, on every page within this Website.

Personal Use


You can share the images easily. At the top right of every web page, you'll see a row of 'Share' buttons. Use these to post the image link to your favourite social networking site — we've included Twitter and Facebook. Have all your friends and family look at what you've just found!

Please Note: Clicking on these buttons will take you directly to those sites without the intervention of a third-party linking service.


You can print off any page and/or image you find on this Website, for personal research or non-commercial use, by using the 'Print' button at the top right of every page. The image will print at a low-resolution — not publication quality, but satisfactory enough for your own research and use. (If you want, you can use your browser's 'Print Preview' option to take a look before you print.)


You can save any image you find on this Website for personal research or non-commercial use, by using the 'Save Image' button at the top right of the page. Clicking on the button automatically creates a low-resolution jpeg image for you to right-click and save. There's also a print option in the right-click list, enabling you to print-off the image at low resolution.


You can purchase a high resolution (300 dpi) copy of any image you find on this Website, for personal research or non-commercial use. At present, we provide copies in digital format only, delivered to you in either of two ways — electronically (download from our download service) or on CD/DVD and sent via regular postal service.

Once you receive the file you can print it off yourself, or take it to your local photographic service for printing to special paper, custom framing, etc. See the Copying Services section for fees and then Contact Us to start the ordering process.

Publication and Use for Commercial, Educational and Media Purposes

The Nova Scotia Archives manages publication and use of its archival holdings through a Rights Declaration process. This process applies not only to images viewed on the institutional website, but also to all content selected from the holdings for commercial publication and use. Typical categories of publication and use are:

  • Educational
  • Non-commercial and Not-for-profit
  • Personal
  • Television and Print Media
  • Commercial Book Publication and Use
  • Media Advertising and Display
  • Nova Scotia Archives Website Image Capture
  • Commercial/Public Broadcasting
  • Exhibition, etc.

Fees are applied to certain categories of publication or use. Please complete and email the   Image Use Request below so that we can better assist you in the Rights Declaration process, and advise you regarding specific fees that will be applied to your individual publication or use request.

  • Publication/Use fees for print/electronic publication, advertising and display purposes are for one- time only, non-exclusive use, over a 5 year period.
  • Publication/Use fees for public/commercial broadcasting purposes are for one-time only, non-exclusive use, with unlimited plays over a 5 year period.
  • Subsequent use of material (i.e., other than for the purpose first negotiated or the 5 year limit), i.e., resales or in spin-off or related products (e.g. home videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, other new media uses, companion books, etc.) must be negotiated separately with the Nova Scotia Archives; additional fees will be levied accordingly.
  • Formal credit (‘Nova Scotia Archives’) is required for all uses of material; and formal citation of material (‘Nova Scotia Archives, [collection title, name of photographer or negative number, as provided on supplied material]’) where appropriate.
  • Copyright and other rights requirements are the responsibility of the user; Nova Scotia Archives will not provide indemnity against losses or costs incurred by third-party claims of ownership or copyright.
  • Images used for website publication must be displayed at a resolution not higher than 72dpi.
  • Items provided for publication and use may not be altered in any way without written permission from the Nova Scotia Archives.

Further Information

See our Copying and Use Protocols for more information.


For your online safety and privacy we encourage you to contact us via your own Email. Use the link below to generate an Email within your Email application (Gmail, Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail) and send us a full and complete message for our best service.

Your email will look like this:

Subject: Image Use Request
Your Name:

Your Business/Organization:

Your Telephone:

Exact reference to images requested:

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The privacy rights of online visitors to the Nova Scotia Archives Web Site are fully protected by Nova Scotia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Any personal information which the Nova Scotia Archives collects from researchers relates directly to operating programs such as Reference Services and Photocopying and Reprography Services. Such information is not used for any other purpose. Please contact us to obtain access to or correct personal information you have submitted.

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