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Name Position Date Note
Gaetz, Osborne  1924 Of Blandford, N.S. 
Gaetz, Warren  1922 Part of racing crew 
Gaetz, William  1925 Of Bridgewater, N.S. 
Gaetz, William Acker Cook   
Gates, Cecil  1928  
Gates, Osbourne  1922  
Gegary, William  1920s  
Gerhardt, Robert  1937  
Gilfoy, Cornelius  1924 Of Stonehurst, N.S. 
Godley, Elvin  1937  
Gould,    Of a Yarmouth fishing crew 
Grandy, Albert   Of Newfoundland 
Grandy, Ed  1929 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Grandy, Edward  1924 Of Garnish, Newfoundland 
Grandy, George  1938  
Grandy, Hubert   Of Newfoundland 
Grandy, Joseph L.  1924 Of Garnish, Newfoundland 
Grandy, Murray  January 1938  
Grandy, Philip George  1937, February 1938  
Grandy, Raymond   Of Newfoundland 
Grandy, Thomas   Of Newfoundland 
Grandy, William  February 1938  
Grandy, William G.  1929 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Greek, Ellsworth  1927 Also sailed aboard the schooner Theresa E. Connor, as first engineer. 
Gregory, William  1923  


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