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Name Position Date Note
Darrach, Claude  1931 Part of racing crew 
Darrach, Claude Sailor 1921-1938 Age 35 in 1938 
Darrah, Gordon  1930 Part of racing crew 
Dauphinee, William Cook May 1933; November 1921 Age 54 in 1933 
Daury, Neil  1934  
Day, Doris Passenger October 1938 Age 38 in 1938, a professional photographer 
Deal, Bernard  1936, November  
Decourcey, Charles  1922 Part of racing crew 
DeCoursey, Harry Sailor January 1937; May 1940 Age 37 in 1940 
DeCoursey, John  1921  
Demone, Bertie  November 1921 Thought to be the man nicknamed "Boodles", who drowned in 1922. 
Demone, Earl   Fished with his father, Captain Henry Demone. 
Demone, Harry Captain May 1941  
Demone, William  16 April 1921 Of Lunenburg, N.S. 
Devage, William  1929 "Summer trip" - the fishing trip from June to September 
Dimmer, John  November 1936, 1937; January 1937  
Dodge, Frank  1927 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Dodge, William   Of Pooles Cove, Newfoundland 
Dody, William  16 April 1921 Of Newfoundland 
Dolin, Stanley Sailor May 1940 Age 27 in 1940 
Dominey, John  1922 Part of racing crew 
Doody, Aldolphus  November 1936  
Doody, Douglas  1922  
Dorey, Adolph  1937  
Dorey, Neil  1930, 1931 Part of racing crew 
Dorey, Neil Able Seaman April 1934 Age 25 in 1934 
Dorin, Stanley  1940  
Douglas, George  February 1938; January 1938  
Drake, Charles  1927 "Frozen baiting" - the first trip of the fishing season, in March 
Duggan, James  1923  


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