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    Lieutenant Thomas H. Warde of the Naval College and Mrs. Warde (Mary Dorothy Lugar) and the Bridal party
    An additional 26,646 historical vital statistics are waiting for you on This year's update includes 1916 births, 1941 marriages and 1966 deaths. Happy searching!
    Community Albums
    The Community Albums project is a collection of exhibits, or albums, created by archival institutions across Nova Scotia who volunteered their time to select and describe archival materials that tell important stories about the communities they serve.
    Ross Family
    Correspondence, newspaper clippings, deeds, etc. accumulated by Captain William Ross, the diaries of Edward Ross, the second son of William and Mary, and land papers relating to the military settlement and the property in New Ross.
    The Ties that Bind Canada
    To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation, national, provincial and territorial archives have selected 150 images with a focus on the role of the railway.



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Nova Scotia Archives
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