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The Royal Engineers in Halifax

Dockyard, Halifax

Piers note: No. 355. Dockyard: Store, very old, of rubble masonry, for rigging, junk, etc., formerly Barracks for crews of ships-of-War which were being careened at the old Careening Wharf, which is to left of picture. The Sheer Wharf was the near section of Careening Wharf. Numbers 2 and 3 Stores are ells off the back of this building and these ells are inscribed G.R. 1769, yet the entire building is clearly shown in R. Short's view of 1759. Looking Southeast from near the Pitch-House (No. 357) across the Camber.

Date.: ca. 1883

Reference: Royal Engineers Nova Scotia Archives number 6853 (Piers 355)

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