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Mi'kmaw Community Gatherings

"Indian Reservation, Shubenacadie, 1948"

Recording Mi'kmaq speech. Chief William Paul, Martin Sack, Ben Knockwood, and John Knockwood.

Listen to Glooscap's Advice   

Well now about this great Glooscap, what he had told to his people before he left — before he left — to this province, after he had teached them of good many different things, what's to be done to themselves to please the others and then he told them,

""My dear childrens, now that I'm goin' to north, and I'm goin' to fix your homes because your home is distroubled here. Your home is distroubled. You're now be living with white people which now they will deal with gold and silver, and years to come you will deal with the same thing."" But the Indians then didn't know the colour of the gold nor silver, but they had known the name of the two different things. ""Well now then, I am going leave after I've shown you everything that I want to show you. Now then your home will be taken, you all will think that people which are you going to live with them. But I am going to build your home way up north where nobody else can come and there it'll be so good, and it'll be mountains of gold that will be surrounded by your homes and it's nobody can get there but yourselfs, but in years to come you will formerly think — you will formerly think — our province is all taken by those pale faces, but that will not be so. I will come and see the fair play, and I will come to see how that you will hold your homes and your province, cause the province is yours. It is nobody can prevail my words. And it's therefore, and all the things that he had reference to the growth of the people, it all come so exact, so truly, but this here, by coming back, it never had arrived yet, but we are expecting it. No doubt we certainly do believe that he will come and see everything according to the truth, and so therefore, now the peoples had reached from here to the Klondike, and they had gone on them mountains and canyons which they had discovered a lot of gold. Nuggets.

Chief William Paul, Shubenacadie.
Glooscap's Advice - Helen Creighton Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 2806 # 8 AC 2141

Date: 1948

Photographer: Helen Creighton

Reference: Helen Creighton Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1987-178, Album 14, no. 120

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