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Genealogical Research

1. Plan to visit the Archives in person — but beforehand, read our Genealogy Guide page of our website.

2. Try to get a copy of Terrence M. Punch's book, Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia (revised edition, 1998) and the Genealogist's Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research (revised edition, 1998). Many libraries and bookstores in Nova Scotia carry these publications, which tell you everything you need to know about doing family research in this province!

3. Check into our Hours and Location at Nova Scotia Archives , then come prepared to spend time with us. Genealogical research is like a jigsaw puzzle — it takes time, but each piece is rewarding! Don't hesitate to ask our Reference Staff for assistance — they will have many useful suggestions, based on their wide knowledge of research sources and strategies.

If you can't visit in person and don't find any useful information throughout our website, Contact Us. We can't do the research for you, but we'll provide brief reference and referral suggestions such as potential best sources and where to find them. You may also want to investigate Hiring a Researcher to help with your genealogy.

Advice for Researching Mi'kmaq Surname Variations

1. Double consonants or eliminate double consonants.

For the surname Newill or Nowell, also consider Newil or Nowel.
For the surname Wilmott, also consider Willmot and Wilmott.

2. Add or drop an 's' especially near or at the end.

For the surname Williams, also consider William.
For the surname Philip or Phillip, also consider Philips or Phillips.
For the surname David, also consider Davis.

3. Add or drop an 'e' especially near or at the end.

For the surname Malti, also consider Maltie.
For the surname Labradore, also consider Labrador.
For the surname Julian, also consider Julien.

4. Replace 'y' with 'ie' or vice versa.

For the surname Geremy or Jerremy, also consider Geremie and Jerremie.
For the surname Luxie or Luxi, also consider Luxy and Luxey.

5. Replace 'o' with 'oa' or vice versa.

For the surname Glode, also consider Gload and Gloade.
For the surname Cope, also consider Coap and Coape.

6. Consider French pronunciation, influences and spelling variations.

For the surname Pennall or Penhal, also consider Penault, Pennault and Purnall.
For the surname Baptist, also consider Baptiste, Battist or Batis.
For the surname Marble, also consider Mauble, Emable, Mable and Meble.
For the surname Lewis, also consider Louis, Lui or Louie.

7. Consider British pronunciation, influences and spelling variations.

For the surname Thomas, also consider Thomma, Tomma, Thom or Tom.
For the surname Cope or Coape, also consider Coop.
For the surname Bernard, also consider Brenar, Barnard or Belnar.
For the surname Tony, also consider Tonny, Toney or Antoni.

8. Consider phonetic spellings or spellings that were "sounded out."

For the surname Ocum, also consider Occum and Oakum.
For the surname Salome, also consider Silome and Selome.

9. Consider slight misspellings...

For the surname Googoo, also consider Gugu, Gugou and Gogoo.
For the surname Jedore or Jeddore, also consider Jadore.
For the surname Silliboy, also consider Selleboy, Siliboy or Silleboy.

10. ...and complete misunderstandings!

For the surname Paul, consider Baul or Ball.
For the surname Battist, also consider Batteau, Batteaux, Pattis or Bathust.
For the surname Pictou, also consider Pictoo, Pigtoo or Pigtoe.
For the surname Knockwood, also consider Nockwood, Nokwood, Noqwood, Nocot, Nocutt, Nuffcoat, Nagood or Nogood.

Following the above suggestions may, for example, lead a researcher of the surname Muse to find records of genealogical namesakes under:


Please Note: In the Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide Database, we have transcribed Mi'kmaq surnames as they appeared in each document.



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