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Letter from Andrew Henderson of Albion Vale to Joseph Howe regarding travelling to General's Bridge, a site of an annual summer encampment of Mi'kmaq. Also regarding potato distribution, numbers and locations of Mi'kmaq throughout Annapolis County and whether Jack or Charles Glode is the true chief of the Mi'kmaq in the area.
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.119 [upper right corner]
inconvenience, and could not be productive of much real benefit unless accompanied by yourself or some person in authority. The five, whose names are first on the list, live on the Liverpool road, near the rear of this County; and, so far as I can learn, are making considerable improvement. Fifteen miles nearer Annapolis Royal, and some ten or twelve miles from the village, on the same road, is the clearing of Charles Glode. It consists of some acres of well improved land, with a good framed barn, but no dwelling as yet superior to the wigwam. Jack Glode, as was before stated, lives at the General's Bridge, a sequestered spot, within two miles of Annapolis Royal, where he maintains a family of four or five children, by a little garden, Salmon fishing, and basket-making. On the Indian tract at Bear River, there are eight families, but these do not cultivate a [?rood] of their good soil. In the winter they live by the chase, and by porpoise shooting in the summer season. Throughout the whole County

See also documentary artwork in Virtual Exhibit "The General's Bridge near Annapolis" drawn by William H. Bartlett in 1842.

Date: 1842

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Mi'kmaq and Government Relations series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 Vol. 432 pp. 117-120

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