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"A View of Halifax Drawn from Ye Topmasthead [1750]"

"We are all happily arrived in this country, after a voyage of two months and three days. At our first landing we were obliged to live in tents like soldiers in the field, having no other habitations; but were soon after ordered by our governor to cut down a great number of trees, (all the country being a wood, quite wild and over-grown) to clear a large piece of ground; which we actually did, and finished this work, as we were ordered, in the space of six weeks; after which the country was divi

Date: 1750

Cartographer: Moses Harris and D'Anville; published according to an Act of Parliament, 25 January 1750; printed for T[homas] Jefferys, St Martin's Lane, Charing Cross [London, England]

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Map Collection: S.B. 4

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