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Eastern Eye: A Nova Scotia Filmography ~ 1899-1973

Dedicated to the Memory of Gordon Parsons (1951-1993)

When Gordon Parsons, co-investigator for the Nova Scotia Filmography Project, died in 1993, a Filmography Committee was struck, out of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, to complete the editing, indexing and publishing of Eastern Eye. This committee (Sandra Haycock, Anjali Vohra, JoAnn Watson, John MacLeod and Margaret McBride) would like to thank all the people who have been involved with the Nova Scotia Filmography project since its inception in 1984, principally: Alan Cash, Carman Carroll, Fred Winsor, Katherine Scott, Mary King, Pat Kipping, Sandra Barry, Susan Ozon and Tina Parsons.

The committee would also like to acknowledge and thank the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Province of Nova Scotia and the Motion Picture Heritage Fund of Nova Scotia, for funding assistance.

Motion Picture Heritage Fund Members

Motion Picture Heritage Fund of Nova Scotia - Founding Members - March 1984

Left to Right (Standing): Ned Norwood, Bonnie Baker, Michael Donovan, JoAnn Watson, Gordon Parsons

Left to Right (Seated): W. Douglas Kirby, Patricia Kipping, William (Bill) Skerrett, Dr. Phyllis Blakeley, Professor Anthony A. MacKenzie, Elizabeth Clark

Absent: Linda Busby



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