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'An East Coast Port': Halifax in Wartime, 1939-1945

Mezzanine of Capital Theatre

Taken soon after its opening on 31 October 1930.

The Halifax Mail, 31 October 1930, p. 21, continued its description of the new Capitol Theatre:

"This Mezzanine Promenade has the same magnificent carpeted floor and massive round pillars supporting the groined and vaulted roof. Deep vaulted embrasures lead to the Balcony level through brass studded and felt covered doors, while other embrasures have mullioned and leaded windows.

The walls of the staircase are in old-time half timber construction, the balustrade being of carved oak and the whole stair covered with the same fine carpet."

Date: 1930

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives  Photo Collection Places: Halifax: Buildings

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