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Letters from George Spicer to his brother-in-law, Levi Atkins, while aboard Glooscap

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George Spicer to Levi Atkins; 28 December 1904 [Hoboken], 2 pages. The Glooscap is finally chartered for a voyage to Rosario in Argentina, "Lump Sum of £8250, free wharfage and Steavedores here … the Charter is all right I think, only not enough money, but the best we can do …" Getting reliable crew members was always a problem: "I wish I could get a good mate, but it's not an easy matter. There is a Man here but I do not altogether like his appearance. He will go for £8.10/ if I will take him on now as I think he about Broke …"

Date: 1904

Reference: Spicer Family Nova Scotia Archives 1997-174 volume 018 number 26

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