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Letters from George Spicer to his brother-in-law, Levi Atkins, while aboard Glooscap

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George Spicer to Levi Atkins; 26 October 1904, Hoboken, 2 pages. Repairs to the Glooscap are slow and expensive, but since there is still no cargo business in sight, "there is no hurry." It was still routine for wives and children to accompany seacaptains on long voyages or for extended stays in foreign ports. In this case, George Spicer's wife travelled to Hoboken to be with her husband: "The Glooscap has a new Cook, she has hardly got the hand of the work and Galley. I do not know whether she will be able to run the Culinary department as Cheap as the old Cook or not." Read the letter carefully for more candid comments about wives and long absences!

Date: 1904

Reference: Spicer Family Nova Scotia Archives 1997-174 volume 018 number 26

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