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Letters from George Spicer to his brother-in-law, Levi Atkins, while aboard Glooscap

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George Spicer to Levi Atkins; 15 October 1904 [Hoboken], 2 pages. The Glooscap is being repaired. The Spicers were ambitious, hard-working and well-informed men, interested in world events and knowledgeable about how such events would impact upon their own activities. In this letter, George advises the family that his brother, Captain Edmund Spicer, has arrived safely in Manila, comments on Levi's successful potato crop (Levi was running two family farms while in homeport), discusses the coming election in Cumberland County, and passes along recent shipping news gleaned from the New York papers, including comments on the Russian - Japanese War and "the loss of Schooner Wentworth in the last gale with all hands Capt., wife and 3 children and 8 others. Sad things happen every day."

Date: 1904

Reference: Spicer Family Nova Scotia Archives 1997-174 volume 018 number 26

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