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An Acadian Parish Reborn

Post–Deportation Argyle – First 50 Years of Catholic Parish Records 1799-1849

Transcribing and Indexing

In undertaking the transcription and indexing of these registers, various problems with the original records were encountered. In the early registers of Sainte Anne, for instance, all the register pages were numbered by hand. However, during Father Sigogne's period, page numbers were assigned to one side of the page only. That is, for instance, page 1 occupies both sides of the first leaf in the register. Occasionally, page-numbering errors were also made.

Due to these anomalies the pages have been renumbered, for ease of reference. In transcribing the records, the original page number assigned by the priest appears in the transcript, but at the bottom of the page is the assigned page number, given in square brackets. The latter numbers have also been used for indexing purposes. Readers are advised as well that a number of pages that existed in the original registers are unfortunately now missing.

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