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Woolford's Surveys: The Roads from Halifax to Windsor and Truro, 1817-18

Sheet 5: Mile 18 to Mile 22: Sackville

Miles 18 to 22 begin with Spectacle Lakes and end at Fitzmorris's property. Travellers passed the houses (or named properties) of Fenerty, Springfield, Hiltz, and Eglington/Lacy. The highway crossed the Sackville River near Eglington. James and Elizabeth Fenerty resided on a property called 'Springfield'; their son, Charles was born in 1821, several years after Woolford drew this map. Charles Fenerty's discovery that paper could be manufactured from wood pulp revolutionized newsprint manufacture because previous to his discovery, newspaper stock depended on paper produced from linen rags in a limited and expensive process. The Laceys operated the 'Eglington' Inn, also known as 'Halfway House' (between Halifax and Windsor). 

Date: 1817-18

Draughtsman: John Elliott Woolford

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Map Collection: 15.1

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