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Body No. 178 Sidney Francis Sedunary

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Sidney Francis Sedunary

Status: (previously unidentified)

Number: 178 (listed on page: 17)

Gender: Male   Age: 25   Hair: Brown  

Remarks: Tattooed, right arm: "anchor and rose," wife's name "Madge." Six pawn tickets in possession, and following addresses: Henry Murray, Sailor's Home, Southampton, and 45 Fir Grove Road, Southampton; Sidney Sedunary, 47 Fir Grove Road and 98 N'land Road, Southampton; John Sedunary, 47 Fir Grove Road, Southampton.

Disposition: Buried at sea.

Reference: Medical Examiner, City of Halifax and Town of Dartmouth Nova Scotia Archives RG 41 vol. 76 no. 178

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