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The Royal Engineers in Halifax

Naval magazine, Halifax

Piers note: No. 281. Naval Magazines, to North of Naval Hospital: The Three Magazines and Cooperage, with enclosing fence. To right is stone Cooperage; next is "A" Magazine, stone, of 1813-14; then brick Small Arms Magazine of about 1872; and to left, stone "B" Magazine. Over Small Arms Magazine is turreted roof of Russell Street School on Campbell Road; over Cooperage is roof (with ventilators) of old Horse-Car Stables; while to extreme right is part of new Acadia Sugar Refinery (opened in April 1881). Taken about 1882. Looking Northwest, towards Russell Street School, from shore to Southeast of Wharf. Compare with the 2 Magazines shown in No. 44.

Date.: ca. 1882

Reference: Royal Engineers Nova Scotia Archives number 6930 (Piers 281) / negative N-1458, N-4487

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