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The Royal Engineers in Halifax

Queen's Wharf, Halifax

Piers note: No. 247. Queen's Wharf: Long Store, containing "Carpenter's Shop", "Stores and Boatman's Quarters", Meat Store, etc., running North-northwest and South-southeast, on west side of property, between Guard Room No. 246 and Store No. 245, old, wooden, 2½ storeys, 20 feet to eaves; 1880. Looking West-northwest towards Clock Tower of City Market House, from Northeast corner of Store No. 245. This building, judging by dates, roughly cut in a wall, was probably built 1791. It is shown in Toler's plan of 1808. Length 150 or 160 feet, width about 40 feet, 2nd door from left, marked "Carpenter's Shop"; 3rd door, "Stores and Boatman's Quarters". The southern half of the building, from just beyond Boatman's Quarters, was renovated and made into Fisheries Experimental Station, but not demolished.

Date.: 1880

Reference: Royal Engineers Nova Scotia Archives number 6959 (Piers 247)

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