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  • The Provincial Newspaper Collection held at the Nova Scotia Archives includes, in its entirety, over 750 titles, dating from the Halifax Gazette, 23 March 1752 to, in some cases, very recent issues of certain community newspapers. The Collection is a combination of newspapers in their original paper format, newspapers that have been microfilmed in whole or in part, and now, occasionally, small runs of digitized newspapers.
  • This database lists ONLY those Nova Scotia newspapers that are available on microfilm at the Nova Scotia Archives. The list does NOT include the entire Provincial Collection, much of which remains accessible only via original paper copies.
  • Many newspapers have not been microfilmed in their entirety; as a result, newspaper research is usually approached by working with a combination of microfilmed content and original paper copies
  • A separate index exists at the Archives for ALL surviving newspapers (originals, on microfilm, or digitized) held in the Provincial Collection; this index has not yet been converted to electronic access.
  • The microfilmed newspapers listed in this database are NOT available via interlibrary loan. Researchers must visit the Archives Building, 6016 University Avenue, Halifax NS, to view the films. See Hours and Location to plan a visit. If you're not able to visit the Archives in person, you may want to Hire a Researcher to assist you.
  • During the 1950s and 60s, some Nova Scotia newspapers were filmed by commercial service providers, using original paper copies available at the Nova Scotia Archives or elsewhere in Canada. These films can be found at various other archives and research libraries in Nova Scotia and elsewhere in the country; please consult your local library to determine what's available, where the films can be found now, and whether they are available on Interlibrary Loan.
  • A few Nova Scotia newspapers from the Provincial Collection are now available in digitized format elsewhere on this website
  • For more general information, see our Genealogy Guide – Newspapers


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