Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm

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Nova Scotia Newspapers on Microfilm

The searchable database presented here provides access information about the microfilmed portion of the Provincial Newspaper Collection held at the Nova Scotia Archives – 8,951 reels that contain the contents (either entire or in part) of 536 newspaper titles. Having access to this online, searchable database will help you to....

  • identify what newspapers are available on microfilm at the Archives for your research
  • plan your onsite visit to the Archives, including which microfilm reel numbers to look for
  • explore what other newspapers on microfilm might be useful in your research

The earliest newspaper available on microfilm at the Archives is the Halifax Gazette from 1752, and the most recent ones are the Bridgewater Bulletin and the Liverpool Advance, both ending in 2009 (courtesy copies donated from private filming project).

Remember: The Provincial Newspaper Collection contains more titles and date coverage than captured in this database. See Exploring this Resource for more information.

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