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Printed Proclamation of the 1752 Treaty
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Signed at Halifax, 22 November 1752, by "Thomas Hopson,…. Governor in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia and Major Jean Baptiste Cope, Chief Sachem of the Tribe of the MickMack Indians inhabiting the Eastern Coast…."

No original signed copies of this treaty are known to exist. At the time of signing, copies were written into the Executive Council records now held at the Nova Scotia Archives (RG 1, Vol. 209, p. 219; RG 1, Vol. 186, p.250; RG 1, Vol. 209, p.223). A transcribed copy was also sent to the Colonial Office in London, and can be found at the National Archives (London, UK) in the Colonial Office Papers, CO 217, Vol. 40, Item 209. The Nova Scotia Archives has an original copy of the printed proclamation issued in both English and French when the treaty was signed, and this is the document used in association with this treaty.

Transcript is from W. E. Daugherty, Maritime Indian treaties in historical perspective (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 1981); Treaty of 1752 in their treaty series.

Date: 1752

Retrieval no.: Peace and Friendship Treaties Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 volume 430 number 2

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