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Letter from Nicholl to Howe reporting on Bear River.
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she wanted an axe very much I have got her a small one.
So I considered that you wished the Indians should do all they could for themselves. I set Francis Glode, who is very ingenious, to make yokes for their oxen, and likewise a sled, which he has done nearly as well as any one who had always been used to such work, and as he now wishes to build a house in the Spring I suppose I may allow him to get some saw logs off the 1000 acres, as he has not sufficient on his own lot, and is very industrious.
Francis [?Salome] wished me to ask you if I might get him a new axe, he too is industrious, indeed your visit here seems to have infused a new spirit among them all.
I should feel much obliged to you if you would send the money by the next post that I may discharge these several demands and I will send you the receipts by Mr Holdsworth and likewise the copy-books of the Scholars who write, as they would be too large to

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Date: 1842

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Mi'kmaq and Government Relations series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 volume 432 pp. 113-115

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