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Letter from Nicholl to Howe reporting on Bear River.
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From W. Nicholl.
Hillsburgh, 3rd Dec. 1842
I received yours of the 21st ult. and have put Newell Paul in possession of the lot you desired, given him a new axe and laid his old one. I herewith transmit you the bills for the oxen and cow for Matthew Picton, and [?Mr or W] Godfrey's certificate for the last quarter's schooling.
Messrs. [?Veroom] and [?Veal] have applied to me for the remuneration they were to have for their leases, which, as Paul has now the lot of the former, I told him I supposed you would send immediately. I likewise send an account of all I have got and am getting for the Indians to this time. J. Meuse (the Chief) has bought himself a pair of steers, and requested me to get a ring and staple for his yoke, which I have done. Respecting the old woman who wanted a house built for her from the best information I coul [could] get, I think there is no occasion for it at present, as she has three daughters on the hill and they are willing she should live with them, but as

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Date: 1842

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Mi'kmaq and Government Relations series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 volume 432 pp. 113-115

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