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'An East Coast Port': Halifax in Wartime, 1939-1945

Pier 21 is Gutted by 12 hour Fire

Fire destroyed the second storey of Pier 21 which housed the Canadian Immigration quarters and a port "rest camp" early 5 March 1944. The fire broke out in a fumigation plant located on the top floor of Pier 22 when ship's blankets were being treated. The fumigation crew battled the flames before firemen arrived but flames spread through the wooden walls and ceiling. In the 10-foot high attic air space between the second storey ceiling and the roof, the fire spread rapidly. The fire was about 500 feet in length when firemen arrived. The Halifax Mail, 6 March 1944, p.3, reported "Pier 21 Fire Leaves Quarter Million Dollar Loss."

Date: 5 March 1944

Reference: John F. Rogers Nova Scotia Archives 1995-370 number 43

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