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'An East Coast Port': Halifax in Wartime, 1939-1945

Tug ERG sunk by freighter lifted from bottom of Bedford Basin

The Halifax Chronicle, 7 July 1943, p.1, reported the collision of a United Nations freighter and the shipyards tug Erg about 9:30 a.m., 6 July. An eyewitness told the newspaper, "From behind, . . . a big freighter, her steel sides towering high over the tug, crowded against the little vessel as both steamed into the inner anchorage. The Erg crumpled amidships on the port side, rolled over, tossing most of her passengers into the water, and sank." Nineteen of the twenty-four aboard died.

Date: 19 July 1943

Reference: John F. Rogers Nova Scotia Archives 1995-370 number 11

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