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'An East Coast Port': Halifax in Wartime, 1939 - 1945

First Aid workers

"Train for Emergency Service: Pictured above are members of the Halifax North (Women's) Division of the St. John Ambulance Brigade Association in a practice at their headquarters on West Young Street. Included in the group are: Harold Olsen, Florence Gordon, Harry Kinsman, Geo. Power, Mrs. E. Johnson, Edward Hamm, Mrs. G. Monroe, Helen Connors, Mrs. Arthur Harwood, Mrs. Jean Hunter, Miss M. Shea, Mrs. Margaret LaPierre, Owen Lane, Miss Janet Auld, Mrs. M. Coles, Sadie Hotchkiss, Mrs. J.R. Kane, E.M. Mader, Shirley Tingley. On ground: Mary Harwood, John Harwood, Gertrude Coles." [The Halifax Mail, 14 September 1942, p.7]

Date: September 1942

Reference: Halifax Civil Emergency Corps Nova Scotia Archives 1995-188 30

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