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In the mid-20th century, cookbook supplements appeared from time-to-time in the larger Nova Scotia newspapers. These special inserts were sometimes run as contests, featuring favourite recipes submitted by homemakers around the province. Other cookbook supplements captured a variety of recipes from different indigenous ethnic communities. Popular and unique when they first appeared, these supplements are fragile today because they were produced on thin and brittle newsprint stock. We've digitized four of them for you to explore here.

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Wartime Economy Book of Recipes for 1945

Date: 10 April 1945

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives MG 100 vol. 126 no. 12 

Topic: Newspaper Supplements

In "Letters to the Editor", Dorothy Sparling, Sydney, gave a number of African American recipes

Date: February 1973

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Grasp February 1973; microfilm 3785 

Topic: Newspaper Supplements

Cooking in Nova Scotia No. 1

Date: 20 February 1975

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives 4th Estate 20 February 1975 

Topic: Newspaper Supplements

An Indian Cookbook by The Native Communications Society of Nova Scotia

Date: February 1977

Reference: The Micmac News February 1977 Nova Scotia Archives V/F vol. 143 no. 2 

Topic: Newspaper Supplements


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