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Food, Drink and the Pleasures of Eating in Old-Time Nova Scotia

Parker House Rolls, Cream Pie, Lemon Catsup, Orange Ice, Orange Jelly, Peach Cocktail, Creamy Lemon Sauce, Orange Syrup, French Dressing, Pepper Butter

Annie, Minnie and May Rosina Prat were three talented sisters from Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Annie L. Prat (1860-1960) studied at the Art Institute, Chicago, and later taught art. Her watercolours are shown in 'The Prat Sisters: Free Spirits of the 1890s'.

Annie L. Prat's Commonplace Books include newspaper clippings and hand-written household hints and recipes. These books are excellent examples of various sources from which recipes are collected – from friends, newspapers, newsmagazines and cookbooks because there are hand-written recipes and newspaper clippings for Swan's Down One-egg Cake (from Montreal Standard, 1942), Chocolate Peppermint Cake; Grapefruit and Lemon Marmalade (Montreal Star), 1923; Dump Cake; Molasses Ginger Cookies (Five Roses Cook Book); Cocoanut Cake (clipping from a Halifax newspaper); Four ( 1,2,3,4) Cake (from Kathleen Brock); and Mable Gilson's Chocolate Cake, 1922.

Reference: Prat-Star family Nova Scotia Archives  MG 1 vol. 2627 no. 17

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