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Tom Connors: 'The Old Sport'

"Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company Head Office Hockey Team"

"Champions Telephone League 1928-1929"

A.D. Edwards, L.W.; G.R. Ormiston, R.W.; D.W. Ells, Ctr.; H.E. Burns, Mgr.; G.H. Whitlock, Def.; J.B. Twaddle, Def.; F.H. Pond, Off.; H.. Conrad, Def.; W.A. Winfield, Off.; C.S. Mosher, Goal; B.A. Redmond, L.W. Capt.; G.A. Christie, R.W.

Date: 1928-1929

Photographer: Climo

Reference: Tom Connors Nova Scotia Archives 1987-218 no. 107

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