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"Cape Blow-me-down, and the Bason of Mines"

Moorsom's Letters from Nova Scotia, p. 221, provides an accompanying description:

". . . The eye commands, at one glance, the rich valley of the Gaspereau River studded with farms, – large masses of forests hanging on the hills, – the cultivated levels of Cornwallis, terminated by the North Mountains in the distance, and Cape Blomidon, (or, as it is more feelingly termed by navigators, Blow-me-down,) the north-eastern head of this chain, boldly uprearing its cliffs against the turbulent tide-waves of the Bason of Mines . . ."
engraved by J. Clark

published by Colburn & Bentley, London, 1830, opp. p. 221.

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Library: AK F100 M78 Captain W. Moorsom, Letters from Nova Scotia; comprising sketches of a young country, London, 1830

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