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"Lochaber Lake, County Sydney, Nova-Scotia"

Engraved by J. Clark; In Letters from Nova Scotia: Comprising Sketches of a Young Country by W. Moorsom, (London, 1830), p. 178.

"The settler who will take up wilderness-land is seldom possessed of more than strong pair of hands, and requires to be supplied with implements; perhaps, even with stock and food for a certain period: his aversion to anything under the denomination of rent is extreme, and his incapacity to pay the same still greater.

On first coming to his lot of land, he cuts down the trees as fast as possible, till a few square yards of the broad expanse of heaven become visible above his head. With the fallen trunks he sets up his log-hut, and covers the roof with bark.

Fire is then put to the roots and remaining branches as they lie on the ground, and the ashes serve for manure: he stirs up the soil between the stumps with a sort of spade, and plants his first crop, which is sometimes grain, and more frequently potatoes."

Captain W. Moorsom, Letters from Nova Scotia; Comprising Sketches of a Young Country (London, 1830), p. 178 [F 100/ M78; microfilm 3870]

Date: 1830

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Library: AK F100 M78

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