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"Pictou from Fort Hill"

Drawn by Wm. Eager, on stone by B. Champney, lithographed by Thayer, Boston, published by C.H. Belcher, Halifax, July, 1840.

"The town [Pictou] consists of about three hundred houses and stores, containing one thousand five hundred inhabitants, and is consequently the second in size throughout the province. The air of the place strikes a stranger’s eye as peculiarly Scotch.

The houses are little dirty stone or wooden buildings of two or three stories, huddled close together, with chimneys at each end and a door in the centre... Timber and coal are the chief exports. Freestone is quarried in the neighbourhood, and affords a small article for traffic."

Captain W. Moorsom, Letters from Nova Scotia; Comprising Sketches of a Young Country (London, 1830), pp. 352-353 [F 100/ M78; microfilm 3870]

Artist: Wm. Eager

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Documentary Art Collection: 1979-147.134 / negative N-1132, N-1135

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