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"Lenoir Building at 1663 Hollis Street, Built in 1816, One of the Oldest Commercial Buildings in Halifax"

Margaret Jordan describes the history of one of the buildings now in Founders Square in "The Lenoir Building: Legal Battles and Famous Names", Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia The Prince and Hollis Buildings, 1976.

William and J.T. Hill owned the building which subsequently became known as the Lenoir Building. It was built after the fire in 1816. The building was later owned by Peter and Fanny Lenoir; Peter was a Halifax lawyer whose clients included Adele Hugo, the daughter of French novelist Victor Hugo.

The Lenoir Building was one of the "Prince and Hollis Buildings" in the 1970s; after its redevelopment, it was renamed "Founders Square".

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Library: V/F Vol. 119 no. 24

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