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7 November 1791

Copy of the memorial of John and James Meany to Lieutenant Governor Parr, praying that he recommend their case to Lieutenant Governor Macarmick. Recommended by J. Turner, H. Newton and J. Parr. 6 Enclosures: Copy of report of Exchecquer Court proceedings relative to the seizing of schooner Jennet. Copy of petition of J. and J. Meany to Lieutenant Governor Macarmick, re: defence of their case. Answer. Petition of same to the Supreme Court of C.B. Memorandum of proceeding in court on trial of case. Copy of deposition of Mexley, Forrest and Sparling stating their disagreement with rest of jury. Copy of the appeal of J. and J. Meany against judgment.

Reference: Commissioner of Public Records Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 volume 302 number 12

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