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Keltic Lodge, Summer Home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clay Corson

Introduced to Cape Breton by Alexander Graham Bell, American Industrialist Henry Clay Corson of Akron, Ohio built this large summer home in 1904 hoping the clear air and natural beauty of Ingonish would restore his wife Julia Corson's health. The summer home was called Keltic Lodge in honour of Cape Breton's Scottish heritage.

Mrs. Corson's health benefited from the clean air and pleasant surroundings of Ingonish and she outlived her husband. In later years she was unable to make the journey from Ohio to Cape Breton. The property was not in use for several years leading up to 1938 when the Province of Nova Scotia purchased Middle Head from Mrs. Corson. The Province decided that a new Keltic Lodge should be built to meet the needs of the tourism industry.

date: 1941

numéro de référence: Dept. of Tourism and Culture Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1994-149 no. 6

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