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"Wreck of the Humbolt Steam-Ship, off the Entrance of Halifax Harbour"

Wrecked at Portuguese Cove when, in a dense fog, it struck "The Sisters" shoal off Ketch Harbour. The Humbolt was an American vessel, twelve days out of Southampton, when it arrived at the entrance to Halifax Harbour on the morning of 6 December 1853. The Illustrated London News of 31 December 1853 published the story and sketch: "We have to thank a Correspondent (Lieutenant J.F. Bland), who made the accompanying Sketch of the wreck while on horseback, the thermometer being near zero."

date: 1853

format: newspaper sketch

Artist: J.F. Bland

numéro de référence: Photo Nova Scotia Archives  Ships: Humboldt / numéro de négatif: N-10078


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