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C'était nous : La Nouvelle-Écosse dans les films de 1917-1950

The Beaver

A documentary about the habits of the beaver; and the effects of the beaver's lifestyle on other forms of wildlife in the environment. Explanatory text is interspersed with footage.

Preface: "For the following reasons abnormalities may have occurred 1. the beavers here shown were tamed for this purpose 2. most of the things shown would have happened at night 3. in all cases the beavers were aware of the camera. It is the opininon of the producer based on the observation of wild beavers that this film give an accurate idea of their daily life. Scenes made chiefly in Digby Co. N.S. Courtesy Department of Lands and Forests. Especial thanks to Carl Miller Forest Ranger and Bill Harries Guide."

date: 1935

médium: 1 film reel (00:20:58 hrs.) : silent, b&w

cinéaste: Dr. Alexander Leighton

numéro de référence: Dr. Alexander Leighton Nova Scotia Archives 1989-01 film no. FB 2377


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