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Letter from William Smith reporting the conditions of Mi'kmaq families in Douglas.
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Douglass 21st Decr. 1801
Dear Sir
I received yours of the 14th [Inst.] in favour of the Indians the bearer of your letter John Wills or Wilmot has a wife and Eight children onely two that can be of any help to them - John Tom a wife and five children all small - Peter Nugent a wife and two children - they are the poorest objects I Ever seen they have hardly any cloathing. Nugent and Tom is drunken Dogs if they could get wherewith to support it Wilmot is sober and seems religous and he says aflicted with the rhumatism that he says he cannot [hunt?] - he and his family is realy

Douglas no longer exists as a place name in Nova Scotia.

Date: 1801

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Mi'kmaq and Government Relations series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 volume 430 number 79

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