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Mr. Fulton's return and reports of the state of the Mi'kmaq in Colchester. 1801.
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offers has been frequently made by the Inhabitants to take and
Instruct the Indian children but was still rejected.

Some of the Indians has shiped on Board of Vessels and
was good hands.

These Indians in the District of Colchester generally
support themselves and families without being burdensome
to the Inhabitants but does not show much disposition
to become farmers they seem to content themselves with
only procuring a bair [bare] Subsistance.

the above return is made in answer to a [requisiton?] of
the Joint Committee of the two Houses of Assembly
dated at Halifax the 23 of January 1801

by James [?Fulton]

Many Mi'kmaq names mentioned. Describes specific families, their industries and characters. Mentions the Mi'kmaq here can generally speak English and support themselves and their families, but are little disposed to farming.

Date: 1801

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Indians series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 Vol. 430 No. 55

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