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Copy of Authenticated Copy of "Treaty of Peace and Friendship concluded by the Governor... of Nova Scotia with Paul Laurent, Chief of the La Heve tribe of Indians," 1760
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Treaty of Peace and Friendship concluded by [His Excellency Charles Lawrence] Esq. Govr and Comr. in Chief in and over his Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia or Accadia with Paul Laurent chief of the LaHave tribe of Indians at Halifax in the Province of N.S. or Acadia.

I, Paul Laurent do for myself and the tribe of LaHave Indians of which I am Chief do acknowledge the jurisdiction and Dominion of His Majesty George the Second over the Territories of Nova Scotia or Accadia and we do make submission to His Majesty in the most perfect, ample and solemn manner. ___________

And I do promise for myself and my tribe that I nor they shall not molest any of His Majesty's subjects or their dependents, in their settlements already made or to be hereafter made or in carrying on their Commerce or in any thing whatever within the Province of His said Majesty or elsewhere and if any insult, robbery or outrage shall happen to be committed by any of my tribe satisfaction and restitution shall be made to the person or persons injured. ___________

That neither I nor any of my tribe shall in any manner entice any of his said Majesty's troops or soldiers to desert, nor in any manner assist in conveying them away but on the contrary will do our utmost endeavours to bring them back to the Company, Regiment, Fort or Garrison to which they shall belong. ___________

That if any Quarrel or Misunderstanding shall happen between myself and the English or between them and any of my tribe, neither I, nor they shall take any private satisfaction or Revenge, but we will apply for redress according to the Laws established in His said Majesty's Dominions. ___________

That all English prisoners made by myself or my tribe shall be sett at Liberty and that we will use our utmost endeavours to prevail on the other tribes to do the same, if any prisoners shall happen to be in their hands. ___________

And I do further promise for myself and my tribe that we will not either directly nor indirectly assist any of the enemies of His most sacred Majesty King George the Second, his heirs or Successors, nor hold any manner of Commerce traffick nor intercourse with them, but on the contrary will as much as may be in our power discover and make known to His Majesty's Governor, any ill designs which may be formed or contrived against His Majesty's subjects. And I do further engage that we will not traffick, barter or Exchange any Commodities in any manner but with such persons or the managers of such Truck houses as shall be appointed or Established by His Majesty's Governor at Lunenbourg or Elsewhere in Nova Scotia or Accadia. ___________

And for the more effectual security of the due performance of this Treaty and every part thereof I do promise and Engage that a certain number of persons of my tribe which shall not be less in number than two prisoners shall on or before September next reside as Hostages at Lunenburg or at such other place or places in this Province of Nova Scotia or Accadia as shall be appointed for that purpose by His Majesty's Governor of said Province which Hostages shall be exchanged for a like number of my tribe when requested. ___________

And all these foregoing articles and every one of them made with His Excellency C. L., His Majesty's Governor I do promise for myself and on of sd part -- behalf of my tribe that we will most strictly keep and observe in the most solemn manner. ___________

In witness whereof I have hereunto putt my mark and seal at Halifax in Nova Scotia this day of March one thousand ___________

Paul Laurent

In witness whereof I have hereunto putt my mark and seal at Halifax in Nova Scotia this     day of March one thousand

    Paul Laurent

I do accept and agree to all the articles of the forgoing treaty in Faith and Testimony whereof I have signed these present I have caused my seal to be hereunto affixed this day of march in the 33 year of His Majesty's Reign and in the year of Our lord - 1760

    Chas Lawrence

Transcription from the Supreme Court of Canada decision in the case of R. v Marshall [1999] 3 S.C.R. 456.

Signed at Halifax, March 1760, by Governor Charles Lawrence and Paul Laurent, Chief of the La Heve [LaHave].

No original copies are known to exist for this, or for any of the other 1760 and 1761 treaties. This is a transcribed copy made for T.B. Akins in the 19th century and bound into RG 1, Vol. 284 of his collected documents at the Nova Scotia Archives. The source for this transcribed copy was a document collected by the Rev. Andrew Brown, minister at what is now St. Matthew's United Church in Halifax, 1787-1795, during which time the Rev. Mr. Brown collected and copied many documents as background for his planned history of North America. The documents, including a contemporaneous copy of this treaty, eventually became part of the Andrew Brown collection at the British Library in London (Ad MS 19071).

Transcription from the Supreme Court of Canada decision in the case of R. v Marshall [1999] 3 S.C.R. 456.

Date: 1760

Retrieval no.: Peace and Friendship Treaties Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 volume 284 number 17

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