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Copy of Authenticated Copy of "Treaty of Peace and Friendship concluded by the Governor... of Nova Scotia with Paul Laurent, Chief of the La Heve tribe of Indians," 1760
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Signed at Halifax, March 1760, by Governor Charles Lawrence and Paul Laurent, Chief of the La Heve [LaHave].

No original copies are known to exist for this, or for any of the other 1760 and 1761 treaties. This is a transcribed copy made for T.B. Akins in the 19th century and bound into RG 1, Vol. 284 of his collected documents at the Nova Scotia Archives. The source for this transcribed copy was a document collected by the Rev. Andrew Brown, minister at what is now St. Matthew's United Church in Halifax, 1787-1795, during which time the Rev. Mr. Brown collected and copied many documents as background for his planned history of North America. The documents, including a contemporaneous copy of this treaty, eventually became part of the Andrew Brown collection at the British Library in London (Ad MS 19071).

Transcription from the Supreme Court of Canada decision in the case of R. v Marshall [1999] 3 S.C.R. 456.

Date: 1760

Retrieval no.: Peace and Friendship Treaties Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 volume 284 number 17

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