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Letter from Charles Glode of Liverpool Road, Annapolis, to Joseph Howe regarding an offer to sell to Howe a yoke and oxen for people at Bear River.
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poles off the 1000 acres to make his house and fences which he must have. Should he be disposed to build in the spring we can give him some further assistance -- meanwhile let him have an axe and new [illegible] his old one. Dont take Glode's cattle unless you can get them as good and as cheap as elsewhere.
Yours truly
Jos. Howe.

Wm. Nicholl Esq.

From Charles Glode.

To Hon. Joseph Howe.
Having heard of your offer to provide the Indians, at Bear River, with a yoke of working oxen, I wish to remark that I have three yoke, and am desirous, in order to fall in with your suggestion, of changing any stock, One yoke is eight years old, price [pound sterling] 20; another six years, price [pound sterling] 21; and the third four years, price [pound sterling] 18. It would be a very great accomodation, were you to allow me to meet the wish of our people, by turning over to them any one pair of the above named cat-

Date: 1842

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Mi'kmaq and Government Relations series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 volume 432 pp. 111-112

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