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Collection of several items copied from PAC regarding a claim for land title: 1) A map of land in question located on Fairy Lake, Annapolis County, 31 Oct. 1864. 2) Certificates stating that the "Indian James Charles" has occupied and improved his land, Annapolis, 21 Oct. 1864. 3) Petition by James Charles to the Lieutenant Governor requesting confirmation of title of land, 2 Nov. 1864. 4) A written description of the land in question. 5) Recommendation that a lease be granted, 26 June 1867. 6) Letter from Robert Leslie to S.P. Fairbanks, Commissioner of Crown Lands, Halifax, asking that title be given to John Peter, for land which has been abandoned, Annapolis, 8 May 1866.

Retrieval no.: Mi'kmaq Research Collection Nova Scotia Archives MG 15 volume 18 number 17


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