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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 49

yt what I have expended for the good of ye Service, Since my being in this remote place of ye world is triple ye Money." Will always do his best to serve His Majesty.
T : C :

NOTE: The same P. S. is appended here regarding wastage, &c., as in despatch to S. of W.'s. [80]

Caulfeild to Mulcaster. [88

Acknowledges receipt of M.'s dated July 26 and others of former dates by Harrison, who arrived here Nov. 15, with the clothing for the troops, forwarded in sloop from Boston. Clothing gives considerable satisfaction: only one sergeant's coat and two private's waistcoats being damaged, contrary to expectations; for the vessel was much shattered, having been almost wrecked in the passage. Provisions came per "King George," Oct. 11 last: accounts sent to Sec. of State; and to M.'s office, with account of "Canada Cloathing &c." Would have sent M. duplicates of former, if time had possibly permitted, dated to Aug. 10, 1716. Hopes affairs will be settled: accounts clear, considering how many have been concerned in them and how long they have been outstanding. If anything is omitted, will M. please supply it that the garrison "may noe longer Lye under those inSupportable grievances." All thank M. for what he has done in that direction already; C. particularly grateful. C. and some others of the gentlemen, thinking M. should be reimbursed, have signed an instrument, of which an authentic copy is enclosed: blank left for Nicholson's signature.
T : C :

Dec. 24.

P. S. Provision acct. shows what bas been supplied to Train of Artillery. C. has written the Board of Ordnance, asking this to be repaid to M.; who is to be "as Sollicitous for it as possible." Is to credit O. with the balance due him when paid "and in relation to ye whole."
T : C

1. Reading doubtful; wording obscure.


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